Youthful activity ideas in copy: Hi There, my name is Shaun A Leggott. As a brief history a strength of mine has always been in copywriting. In relation to this I have offered copy work to others where we both gain through increased awareness. So where people send me copy to post in any order I will go through and prioritize. In construction from July 4th 2017 
This way I am able to keyword area that compliment the interests shown by people who are searching activities, products (digital or physical) or services. Quite a few youthful activity ideas and spin-offs can be seen in the header image for this page. We do not need to be just be in youth to have youthful ideas. Ref: definition of “youthful”.  
But I consider all ages within, e.g. music ans sports activities with an emphasis on high action videos in sports, but also music, as a way to quicky learn and examine sports or learn to play music through video. This is, or will be, clarified within youthful activies com. Tag: youthful activity ideas 

    It`s possible we can help each other just exchanging a little time. For example, I use the G+ blogging platform at present, but could feasibly add other platforms and hosting, paid or not, e.g. Wix or Homestead. With several sites I do currently have a high visual presence in UK searches, but I don`t know about N/America as I live in UK south east.

For example, as a trial send me you web link or up to 400 words in extreme sports etc, other activities, or music, with your link. From here I where I will re-arrange it and let you have the blog link, or
initial link, plus main keyword in G+. In either case, keep it family friendly.. It might be that I can also add a post in one of my sites.
Basically I`m looking for the more unusual sports and other activities and lesser known bands and artists who look to become better known. In addition I will add about 200 words for myself a the foot of each copy. This way I also gain through increased awareness, though I will continue with my separate blog posts. Every little helps us!
Remember, you can also link this site (or any of my other sites). you will see the social buttons at the top of Youthful Activities com. My music contact email is musiccoverstoo@  >Twitter<  Images within this site are/will be licensed through Adobe, please don`t copy. Shaun A Leggott. Tag: youthful activity ideas