Professional sports people and many expert musicians know the value of motion analysis when applied developing through video motion. However there are many other examples in developing super fast moving techniques in sports, athletics, urban activities etc. Break into sections, follow and learn at your pace. The featured presentation for the software relates to progressing more speedily with guitar practice.
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Thus video motion analysis is a multi-learning and teaching software.  I`ve covered online gaming? and risks in sports, sport being where the software is further used, below.
    <Motion analysis is probably new to you. Until now developing expert practice using motion analysis has been costly. In addition, it was limited by location. Now further consider the value extending within the home environment for far less costly new video motion analysis software. 
 It has many of the qualities of the aforementioned, with the further attraction of convenience. This brilliant software has been designed with video active people in mind.. home or about! There are easy to follow guides to using videos of choice at each stage.
So in support there are 27 training videos. Immediately below is the 1st of these videos. However, a complete list copy of training videos is included here. These useage videos are vertically arranged, so easy to select. Here is the 1st:

So your choice from the countles range of videos is entirely up to you when using for your own purposes! For example, consider beyond learning to play guitar, or advancing complexed drum rhythms. Otherwise, as the Youthful Activities com feature, faster moving and extreme sports, including urban activities and martial arts! So now imagine reducing tempo on your action sports, extreme parkour as just one further example. The activities list will be unimaginable; the sky is literally the limit>     1/But sooner or later gravity wins! So you can take any of countless videos from YouTube in you action sports or music videos for example, and use them within video motion analysis software. With the convenience of this software, you will be able slow motion down to 25% (even beyond), segment, freeze frame by frame, loop, transpose all for your own development.  Link below> 
As an example, considered as a brilliant guitar learning software (as emphasized in the software introduction), take a guitar action video, perhaps watch your favorite guitarists techniques in action, but in slower motion.. follow, copy and learn the techniques for yourself!
 < Daily Fresh Action where we cherry pick activity sports! Set automatically, it provides an adrenaline rush that could even elevate a couch potato to take up activity sports, or maybe the guitar. Applying video motion analysis will help you speed the learning processes! Note, there are 27 support videos include with this software. Available for Windows And Mac.  
Will it advantage online gamers wanting the winning edge, e.g. in competition? I throw the dice of this one for now  as I was a sports instructor. However, I have a simple site where I pose the question. Though not currently well ranked in Alexa, passively it has received 1,057 visitors over the past week (3 links). Insert date 29th July 17. So it seem it is an analysis software being seriously considered in progressing online gaming.  The tempo can be increase to 200%, I have to have apparently as I have not needed that!
But looking more to specifics, if not realised in the 27 training videos, you can always contact the support guys. E game participation is increasing rapidly. So if video motion analysis will work to your advantage, get in before the competition catches on!
As earlier mentioned, motion analysis has been used as a teaching and learning process for years, so it has a proven track record.. literally in more ways than one. The software, available for both Windows and Mac. Going beyond the product intro for use as a guitar learning or teaching product, you`ll see an example of use in sports.
So 100% original video action content needn`t by high sports action videos, or even film stunts! Even videos at a more sedate pace before slow motion will be of huge value to some, e.g. golfing swing techniques. Imagine the possibilities not reasonably available to you before, certainly not previously available for most home user.
< Fifty Top Sports Photography Blog Winners:
Risks in Higher Action Sports (or any sports). Further consider safely in extreme sports for example. Sports action videos, where extreme sports are performed by experts, can have a value in slow motion where examining safer performed techniques progressing to desired outcome. We cannot eliminate risk, but we can reduce risk to what would be considered and agreed as manageable within different activities.
Thus, a safe level depending on the activity/ies performed. Or to use a colloquial saying from my past work, “cover your ass”.  In our past team situation, we would move along to risk assessments as changes occur. In effect this is what you will be doing if settingup a club. Involve as many people as possible, that way you are not shouldering all the responsibilities… 
There`s a huge range of what are considered extreme sports today. Sometimes they are extreme sports simply by being practiced in a more extreme way.. Tag: urban activities
   2/ Gravity still wins! As an example, back in the early 80s I was involved in karate training in a way that maybe would dissuade people today. However imagine the possibilities for learning kata from slower motion, team and individual, when watching more complex moves, e.g. sword inclusions within katas.
Over time I will be introducing posts here in Youthful Activities com from where slower motion would probably advantage the participants, whether this be music, sports or other areas. As mentioned somewhere here-in, being involved in youthful activities does not necessarily mean being aimed exclusively at youth. Consider the positive self!
Note also my mentions here-in re added copy in my blogging platforms. As this site developes I will introduce ways of building traffic should you consider offering this, or other products, to a trageted audience. tag: urban activities
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