Visual Performance: Learning Guitar, Percussion And Other Musical Instruments, And Some Sports, Within Disabilities. The Emphasis In This Instance Is On Visual Performance. More Simply Learn Through Motion Analysis Videoing Software.

Many people have some form of disability that effects hand arm and finger movements. If not having  these restrictions, other people they might know do have. The reasons for these restrictive types of disabilities run into many and effect all ages.
  It might be known where support is given within the family, in a neighboring home, or where support is provided in a professionally assessed way also in agreement with a resident. Exercise of mind an body has always been considered important in promoting and maintaining health for us all.
In addition to this many if not most, people seen around generally like music, home or away. So not to over extend the previous Post, I thought I`d relate video motion analysis software to people with disabilities learning, as an example, to play guitar, even some sports. I`ll move onto video motion analysis software when addressing it to physical disability later.
However, as a quick but important early inclusion; video motion analysis is both a teaching and learning software. So as an example, a music teacher you might cover a familar instrumental that a student likes and on acoustic guitar. As an example, it can be recording in an exact way “tailored” visually to a student with special needs. Remember, the tempo can be reduced way below its initial 25%!
Extended info on I`ve been using a some keyword sets (A keyword can be two or more words you wish to relate together) to see if return related info in immediate automatic publishing, but nothing suitable so far.
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Obviously, allowing more insight, are keen to explain the advantages of Pro, hence my mention. In this example it`s a new subject to return information on stringed musical instruments (or stringed driven thingies!). I`ve put a link to my Twitter following today also.
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Video Motion Analysis Software. I have covered video motion analysis software in more detail than will be provided in this Post. That included listing all the 27 support videos for the software – available for either Windows or Mac.  This Post has a more softer toned accent. I believe they offer a good Q & A support should anything not be clear within their tuition.
But an important point I feel is that the tempo can easily be reduced down from 100% of the original recordings way beyond it`s usual 25%. When relating software with disability consider the feelings and activities, as well as abilities, of people who have disabilities I mentioned at the Post outset. taged: visual performance
Learning guitar, for example, might also effect an advantage for hand and finger exercise and better dexterity, as well as cordination. Perhaps eventually leading to playing guitar to a class without the aid of video motion analysis.
I have included a Mark Knopfler video below, not as a guitar tuition, but as a brief introduction to whet interest. It will follow on with other Mark Knopflier guitar videos in Youtube. Of course there`s a wide range of music tuition videos you will find in YouTube. Simply find the one, or ones that are most suited to you maybe as a teacher, music, style, genre etc.
>Mark Knopflier<   It can be drum tuition if you wish (If it moves, use it!). But wherever, some of the tuition will offer a subscription, perhaps after a trial period. However, if you spend a little time looking through you will find many videos freely available for your own use.   Tagged: visual performance
If you feel including action videos in video motion software isn`t suitable for you, don`t keep it. It is offered through Clickbank. Clickbank offer a guarantee to the many thousands of downloadable products they include. You will find access the software from this blog of course and again and right >here<  No time like the present!
I have made it understood elsewhere here-in that I will eventually earn a commission from purchases of the software. But if you want to go elsewhere and deny me a little more whiskey, Coke, latte and cappuccino, that`s ok…really.
Usual message applies, please don`t copy-paste the images as they are licensed images. Adobe send out red eyed rottweilers chasing offenders` scent! Shaun A Leggott | Twitter | musiccoverstoo @ Tagged: visual performance