The Winning Advantage Of Visual Learning. For Example In Adrenaline Sports,  When Using Action Videos In Video Motion Analysis Software. From Considerable Study It Has Been Estimated That 65pc Of People Currently Are visual learners  This As Opposed To, For Example, Learning Through Listening Or Following Offline Dry Copy. In Addition To Action Sports, Consider Also The Advantages Learning Guitar, Or Other Stringed Musical Instruments, Even Drum Rhythms Through Visual Learning Software. 
Visual learning is not new, but now unlike before, software is available (linked below). Now all those wishing to use video motion analysis within a wide range of activities can do so. Visual learning within disabilities has been covered here in Youthful Activities com (I worked in  care support for more than 28 years).
Thanks to the newly introduced software, today you can become visual learners from home and away! It makes sense to help beat the competition by including the use of  video motion analysis within active sport training sessions. However, there`s several other reasons offering visual performance to an advantage, not least developing safer techniques within sports.
Video motion analysis is definitely not limited to sports and athletics, but some of today`s successful pro sports people have used motion analysis toward achieving their goals.
    << Adrenaline sports might be performed at a more extreme pace requiring more exact movements safely to achieve goals. However, even with a huge dictionary of word alternatives, active sports are sometimes understood to be within more extreme sports or adrenaline sports.
For example, e.g. extreme skateboarding, but as perhaps an even more more extreme sports example, parkour. There`s several reasons to examine techniques in slower motion. For example, gravity wins, correct the landing techniques that will help prevent broken bones in feet! Examine adrenaline sports at a slow tempo, from visual learning correct or develop moves to reduce injuries and even fatalities in sports>>

< Links to Video Motion Software

For self development or coaching within active sports alone, there has to be countless appropriate videos you freely can find within Youtube. These will compliment learning in different active sports. In addition there`s purpose instructional videos in active sports. But you could even consider using video motion analysis within many activities, definitely within music, including stringed musical instruments and practicing of drum rhythms >>
     But as an example, urban sports, or city sports that includes parkour. Parkour is an extreme active sport where it`s sensible to suggest limited within a younger age group. Young people generally are more flexible in movements that more older people. However, youthful activities by definition extends to any age when pursuing sports where displaying youthful energy!
   << Daily Sports Action News. Within video motion analysis there`s the ability to analyse any part of a video. Not only can tempo be reduces far below the original video recording speed, but you can, select areas of particular importance, freeze frame by frame, loop, transpose and more.. In fact the software includes 25 support videos.
So learning through visual experience can be seen literally as huge advantage over the spoken word. As said above, it`s estimated that 65% of people are visual learners. Perhaps, once knowledge of visual learning is increased, many of the rest will soon join visual learners in action sports and beyond! Particularly with the convenience of video motion anlysis software.
A further benefit relates to health and safely. I have covered here in Youthful Activities com some time back but video motion analysis can be used to as a learning curve when looking to reduce injuries in sports and athletics.
It can enable both sports coaches and competitors to see, in slow tempo, where sports techniques can be changes or improved. As a former sports instructor within karate I know, as said elsewhere herein, you cannot eliminate risks in sports, but you can make the risks reasonably acceptable, and also be seen to do so.
I`m retired, but as a further consideration within sports I have to admit to the mistake of teaching in ways too much from my past (having a paper trail history from 1981), but we have to also take into account today`s outlook, within different age groups, in  active sports.
We live in a so called compensation culture today, plus people are more conditioned to “softer living”, thus sometimes students are offered quicker grade passes to hold their incentives! On UK TV recently a women said she had practiced karate for two yeaars an was about to take her black belt grading.
Years back within that time span the karate experience would have been considered too shallow, thus  we needed to show more depth of experience first. But if you don`t “go with the flow” you may find, if a coach in sports, students are quick to find a complaint about something and lose incentive.. A common request I found within karate was the wish to wear arm pads to avoid bruises..
Ok, so if it`s something people really want, perhaps for as much as possible, best to go along with it! Within martial arts alone there`s now more obvious opportunities within different styles, plus MMA.
But more generally if you don`t please sports students they may well leave and join the competition! Shaun A Leggott >Twitter<  musiccoverstoo @ Images are licensed so please do not copy. No more horror comment addition about Adobe and their red eyed rottweilers chasing scent..

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