Visual Learning In Action Sports, String Instruments & Drums

Professional sports people and many expert musicians know the value of motion analysis when applied developing through video motion. However there are many other examples in developing super fast moving techniques in sports, athletics, urban activities etc. Break into sections, follow and learn at your pace. The featured presentation for the software relates to progressing more speedily with […]

The Advantages Of Visual Learning

The Winning Advantage Of Visual Learning. For Example In Adrenaline Sports,  When Using Action Videos In Video Motion Analysis Software. From Considerable Study It Has Been Estimated That 65pc Of People Currently Are visual learners  This As Opposed To, For Example, Learning Through Listening Or Following Offline Dry Copy. In Addition To Action Sports, Consider Also The Advantages […]

Within Disabilities Learn Guitar-Other Musical Chords-Drum Rhythm

Visual Performance: Learning Guitar, Percussion And Other Musical Instruments, And Some Sports, Within Disabilities. The Emphasis In This Instance Is On Visual Performance.  See And Learn Within Motion Analysis Videoing Software.  Within Sports Alone It Is Now Estimated That Well Over 60% Of People Use Visual As Preferred Learning.  Link^ Many people have some form of […]